Signed, sealed, delivered - to you!

One of my biggest fans kindly let me know that it's not the easiest to keep up to date on my shows and workshops.  To fix that and hopefully meet more of you in real life, as well as share some insights and resources on my emerging art practise, I decided that it's time to start up a mailing list for my Sees Cuts Pastes adventures.  And, as a thank you for your support and interest, I'll be sending out a real life snail-mail postcard to each subscriber.  Interested? The form's just a couple scrolls away.


Victoire Love Birds and the Secret Language of Flowers

When Regine and Katie of Victoire Boutique reached out to me to design a window display for their Ottawa flagship shop, I was over the moon honoured and psyched for the project!  The timing worked out for a February window, so the boutique-boss ladies were thinking love for the theme.  Wanting to be inclusive of different forms of love - sapphic love, monogamous love, self-love, lost love, courage my love - I chose to anthropomorphize birds and throw in some secret messages from a language of flowers dictionary.  You'll have to head down to the window at 1282 Wellington St W to see these pretty things in full, but for now, here are the meanings behind the Victoire's love birds window:

bird numbers.png

1. Bell Flower - Gratitude  2. Cosmos - Joyful love  3. Calla Lily - Beauty & modesty
4. Geraniums - True BFFs  5. Cockscomb - Affection  6. Jonquil - Desire  7. Protea - Courage  8. Anemone - Forsaken  9. Bougainvillea - Passion  10. Narcissus - Self love  11. Camella - Flame to my heart  12. Gladiolus - Pierce my heart  13. Ranunculus - Radiant charms  14. Cactus flower - Ardent love  15. Pineapple flower - Perfection  16. Lilac - New love  17. Poppy - Pleasure 18.Tulip - Declaration  19. Violets - Queer femme love  20. Zinnia - Missing you 21. Fern - Sincerity

In praise of shadows (I have new prints!)

Really, really happy with these new set of prints I had done through Germotte Framing & Printing. The quality of the products and the lovely, welcoming owners are among the main reasons I'm choosing to focus my webshop presence on my SeesCutsPastes esty shop rather than platforms like society6 (which are admittedly much less effort). It feels pretty great to be a part of the cycle of supporting local.