Victoire Love Birds and the Secret Language of Flowers

When Regine and Katie of Victoire Boutique reached out to me to design a window display for their Ottawa flagship shop, I was over the moon honoured and psyched for the project!  The timing worked out for a February window, so the boutique-boss ladies were thinking love for the theme.  Wanting to be inclusive of different forms of love - sapphic love, monogamous love, self-love, lost love, courage my love - I chose to anthropomorphize birds and throw in some secret messages from a language of flowers dictionary.  You'll have to head down to the window at 1282 Wellington St W to see these pretty things in full, but for now, here are the meanings behind the Victoire's love birds window:

bird numbers.png

1. Bell Flower - Gratitude  2. Cosmos - Joyful love  3. Calla Lily - Beauty & modesty
4. Geraniums - True BFFs  5. Cockscomb - Affection  6. Jonquil - Desire  7. Protea - Courage  8. Anemone - Forsaken  9. Bougainvillea - Passion  10. Narcissus - Self love  11. Camella - Flame to my heart  12. Gladiolus - Pierce my heart  13. Ranunculus - Radiant charms  14. Cactus flower - Ardent love  15. Pineapple flower - Perfection  16. Lilac - New love  17. Poppy - Pleasure 18.Tulip - Declaration  19. Violets - Queer femme love  20. Zinnia - Missing you 21. Fern - Sincerity