Little Victories

There's so much updating to be done. Since I last posted I can be proud of:

  • Learning how to fairly price and license my stock photographs for a book publication (by a leading architectural scholar, I might add)
  • Hosting a very fun, laid back collage workshop at Shanghai where all the students managed to surprise themselves with their results :)
  • Clicking send on Simpletax, and apparently not screwing up the first time I did business taxes (!!)
  • Updating my etsy shop with prints and originals from the Bee's Knees & Other Stories show
  • Putting up my first wheat paste collage in the House of Paint - really excited to do more!
  • Spending some of my tax return dollars on my first big-girl serious-business full frame camera. Now I'd really, really love to shoot some portraits, stories, and cool spaces.  Get in touch if you have a story that I could help tell :)