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Give Your Gifts - a Small Worlds Raffle

This Sunday I'll be celebrating the closing of my SMALL WORLDS solo show at the Manx, and I thought I'd use the night to give a little, and then give some more.

Last winter when a typhoon hit my home island of Mindoro in the Philippines, I was touched by friends and colleagues who let me know that they'd made donations for aid to the Red Cross. Now, the disaster brought on by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti is weighing heavy on my consciousness, and I realize that I have an opportunity to give much more than I could have expected to on my own.

As I've learned, monetary donations are the most effective way to help in disaster situations. To that end, I'll be selling raffle tickets for two original collages and collecting donations for Haitian relief efforts during the closing night of my show.  All of the money raised will be donated to a Haitian-based organization called Ayiti Resurrect.  Beyond raising money to directly assist communities to restore food security (incredibly urgent as the hurricane has ravaged farms and crops) and rebuild damaged homes, Ayiti is also identifying effective, grassroots, Haitian led organizations and will be distributing funds to each of those efforts. You can learn more about Ayiti's Hurricane Matthew campaign, and donate if you're able.

Raffle tickets will be 1 for $2, or 4 for $5 (remember to bring your small change!), and I'll be picking out a winner for each piece on Monday morning.  The finissage takes place at the Manx on Sunday October 16th, beginning at 9pm.  If you'd like a facebook reminder, the event details can be found here.  

Looking forward!