A lifelong love of drawing and imagining new worlds led me to study architecture at Carleton University's Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism, where I graduated with my Master of Architecture in 2012.  Architecture school taught me the importance of narratives in image making and meticulousness in my craft. These two incredibly important lessons are currently driving my latest explorations with handcut collage.


Though difficult to hear as a child, my dad's advice to "look with your eyes" has in fact shaped my photographic approach. I look quietly, slowly, patiently, always with care and the intent to discover.

This patient, quiet approach gives me a unique perspective and eye for details and fleeting moments when it comes to capturing compelling interior, event, editorial, and commercial photography that brings my subjects' and clients' unique stories to light.



Let's tell your story together

I'd be delighted to discuss freelance photography assignments or artistic commissions  and collaborations.  If you are: in a band and looking for album art for your vinyl, a designer of beautiful spaces, an entrepreneur with a storefront or maker with a studio you'd like to show off, a couple in love, or a family who'd like someone to capture your joy of being together I would especially love to hear from you!

I'm based in Ottawa, Canada.

You can reach me via my contact page, or say hello at  

If you're in Ottawa, let's get started by meeting for tea and coffee and dreaming up something good together.

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